It is quite usual to wonder what would be the legal aspects of making a road trip to a foreign country with your own car. I will take advantage of this video to explain some of the main considerations you must take into account before travelling abroad with your car so you don’t come across any setback.

First you must check is where you moving to and from. This is important because there are some countries which are part of the ‘Multilateral Guarantee Agreement’, an international treaty that has been signed by all member countries from the European Union and some others from the European Economic Area. These countries are, up until today, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Finland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

If your starting and destination countries are within the area of application of the treaty you can move freely only with your compulsory civil liability policy hired in your country of origin.

Anyway, it is rather advisable to consult your insurance company about it before departing, so they can provide the necessary documents ‘just in case’. The legal obligation is to justify the car assurance and premium payment. To apply and carry the ‘Green Card’ is also highly recommendable, although this is not a compulsory requirement.

If your intention is to drive to a third country having the ‘Green Card’ with you is totally required.