Today, an important percentage of your clients are foreigners who decide to come to our nice country to invest somehow. Thus, we are aware that despite you are surrounded by excellent professionals who speak English fluently in your Real Estate Agency, there are certain essential burocratic proceedings which require the intervention of a Lawyer.

Specialized works for Real Estate Agencies.

Currently, the 90% of Lawyers in Spain do not speak English fluently. This entail a huge problem when communicating with English-speaking clients. Thus, Jurisleg have the best professionals who extensively domain the use of the English language.

In Jurisleg we will get that your client is totally satisfied, as you would be able to offer a comprehensive service without the necesity to find Ensligh-speaking lawyers out of your city.

To sum up, en Jurisleg we will be your legal guide thoughout the whole road assisting you with the professional advice of a legal English-speaking team so you don’t take a wrong step.

Carlos Huertas Mariscal

Abogado de Jurisleg