One of the most important steps you ought to take when you arrive in Spain is to open a bank account. It is something you will be required to have by many persons and entities within an ordinary life context: buying a property, a car or hiring electricity and water supplies are normal proceedings that demand to have a Spanish bank account.

Casuistry is varied, but I will focus today in the documents you would need to submit to the bank in case you are resident or non-resident in Spain, to finish making a brief review of the options to open a bank account in Spain without leaving your country of origin.


  • EU citizens must handle in their passport and N.I.E. (número de identidad de extranjero or Foreigner identity number in English). Some banks also accept the ID from their country or the TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero or foreigner identity card in English).
  • Non-EU citizens must handle in their TIE in all cases.


  • They must submit their passport or national ID document plus the negative residence certificate (certificación negative de residencia in Spanish) issued by the Ministry of Interior or the DRF3.

Now, with COVID-19 situation and the mobility restrictions, many clients are asking whether they could open a bank account in Spain without having to come physically. The answer is yes. The only formality they would have to make is granting a power of attorney on my behalf in their country of origin conferring authorisation to open bank accounts in their names. Many notaries have even specific samples even in Spanish.

Carlos Huertas Mariscal

Lawyer of Jurisleg Abogados & Asesores