abogado miguel orellana en cadiz

Face your legal problems with serenity, avoid conflicts and keep your and your family's stability and welfare intact.

Law Firm in Cadiz

abogado miguel orellana en cadiz

Why should working with us make you feel secure, calm and confident at all times?

  • Closeness

    We turn legal complexity into a simple path that you can understand. We speak the same language, without complex verbiage, so that you understand the whole legal process inside out.

  • Focus on Solutions

    Our aim is not to go to court, but to settle the case. Sometimes trials are very slow and expensive, so we will try to be as quick and efficient as possible if it can be settled amicably.

  • Continuous monitoring

    We will keep you informed about how your case is progressing, we will advise you in every situation and our work will not be finished until the case is completely closed.

How do we work with our clients?

First visit

In this first consultation you tell us about your case, we give you our point of view, guiding you to the best solutions.In this first consultation you tell us about your case, we give you our point of view, guiding you to the best solutions.

Definition of fees

Once you decide to work with the Jurisleg team, we will inform you of the fees (depending on the case).

Gathering the material

We will gather all the documentation as soon as possible and get to work on your case.

Avoiding courts

We will try to negotiate with the other party to avoid costs, as long as this is the best solution.

Legal claim

If it is not feasible to avoid the courts, we will opt for a judicial solution.

We will take care of all the documentation and will accompany you throughout the process, informing you of all the latest developments.


Once the case has been resolved, we will contact you to explain what is in the judgment.

Our lawyers

Miguel Orellana

Miguel Orellana Gómez is a lawyer and Director of the firm.

He specialises in banking law.

Francisco Orellana

Lawyer and founding partner of the firm.

His extensive experience has led our clients to recover thousands of euros in damages.

Carlos Huertas

Expert in labour and
employment and real estate law.

He studied law at the University of Sheffield and is therefore able to assist foreigners.

Francisco Sanchez

Expert in banking and criminal law.

His professionalism and attention to detail make him one of the most reliable in his areas of influence.

Eugenia Rodriguez

She is our firm's solicitor.

She supports the firm's four lawyers and facilitates their communications with the courts.


José Ángel Guerrero

He is an expert in inheritance law.

He has handled and settled thousands of inheritances with a high degree of satisfied clients.

Roberto Orellana

He is one of the most important parts of the firm.

He offers warm attention to clients and provides the rest of the staff with the tools they need to perform at their best.

We specialise in

Banking Law

Labour Law

Criminal Law

Traffic accidents



In addition, we are specialists in claiming...

Credit card with abusive interest rates

It is possible that it is a revolving card. So they will have to pay you back the overpaid interest.

Mortgage expenses

Were you forced to take out insurance with your mortgage and had to pay for it in one lump sum? You must be reimbursed in full

Debtors' file

If you have been included in a debt collection file without reason, you can reclaim all those charges that have been wrongly collected.

And since an opinion is worth a thousand words....

Enero 14, 2022
Servicio inmejorable! Los recomiendo al 100%
Matias Correa
Matias Correa
Diciembre 24, 2021
Magníficos profesionales. Me han llevado varios asuntos en el despacho y siempre con la mayor profesionalidad y eficacia. Por supuesto, mis abogados de confianza.
Nazaret Quiñones Gonzalez
Nazaret Quiñones Gonzalez
Noviembre 30, 2021
Nos solucionaron nuestra reclamación
Elizabeth Rodriguez Atoche
Elizabeth Rodriguez Atoche
Noviembre 22, 2021
Me gestionaron lesiones de tráfico
Debora Salgado Caballero
Debora Salgado Caballero
Noviembre 18, 2021
Trate con ellos por un accidente de tráfico y me llevó el caso victoria, estoy muy contenta por toda la ayuda, información y trato resivido, muchas gracias ?

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Frequently asked questions

Which you may not be doing, but I’ll solve it for you just in case.

It will depend on the legal proceedings in which we are involved. In any case, we will let you know at the first consultation.

It will depend on the specific consultation and whether you will finally take the case with us.

Although the office is located in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz), we have clients in all parts of Spain.

This is completely out of our control, as it is 100% up to the court.

As far as we are concerned, and as far as the submission of documents and so on is concerned, we will do it as quickly as possible.