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The main function is to represent you in court, filing legal documents on your behalf and looking after your interests at every stage of the legal process.

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When we refer to the professional field of solicitors, we are talking about the regulations that govern our responsibilities and practices when legally representing our clients.

If we provide our services in a manner that is careless or detrimental to the interests of our clients, they have the right to claim compensation for the damages suffered.

Some common cases may involve deficiencies in legal representation, lack of diligence in handling the matters entrusted to us or errors in the documentation submitted on behalf of clients.

Our services of 


Submission of legal documents

This task is essential to ensure that all judicial procedures are carried out correctly and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Judicial Advice

Legal advice is an essential service provided by solicitors that can make all the difference in resolving legal issues.


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that offers a more efficient and collaborative approach compared to traditional court proceedings.

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Enero 14, 2022
Servicio inmejorable! Los recomiendo al 100%
Matias Correa
Matias Correa
Diciembre 24, 2021
Magníficos profesionales. Me han llevado varios asuntos en el despacho y siempre con la mayor profesionalidad y eficacia. Por supuesto, mis abogados de confianza.
Nazaret Quiñones Gonzalez
Nazaret Quiñones Gonzalez
Noviembre 30, 2021
Nos solucionaron nuestra reclamación
Elizabeth Rodriguez Atoche
Elizabeth Rodriguez Atoche
Noviembre 22, 2021
Me gestionaron lesiones de tráfico
Debora Salgado Caballero
Debora Salgado Caballero
Noviembre 18, 2021
Trate con ellos por un accidente de tráfico y me llevó el caso victoria, estoy muy contenta por toda la ayuda, información y trato resivido, muchas gracias ?

Frequently asked questions

His role is crucial as it is responsible for filing pleadings and documents with the courts, notifying the parties involved, and ensuring that proceedings are conducted properly and within the time limits set.

Failure to submit the documents within the deadlines set by the court can have adverse consequences for the case. This could range from financial penalties to dismissal of the court action.

In the legal context, notification of the parties involved is usually the responsibility of the “Procurador”. The “Procurador” may be responsible for notifying the parties about different aspects of the case, such as the filing of lawsuits, trials, among others.

If you do not receive a notice related to a legal case in which you are involved, it is important to take action quickly to avoid adverse consequences. Here are some steps you may want to take:

1.-Verify address and contact information: Make sure the address and contact information provided to the court is current and correct. If there have been recent changes to your address or contact information, report them to the court and to your solicitor, if you have one.

2.-Contact your solicitor: If you have a solicitor, contact them immediately to inform them of the situation. They can find out if a notice has been served and take steps to remedy the non-receipt of the notice.

3.-Review the case file: You can go to the court or tribunal where the case is being held and ask to review the case file. This will allow you to check if any notices or summons have been issued that you have not received.

4.- Ask the court for information: You can contact the court directly to get details about the status of the case and whether notices have been sent. The court may be able to provide you with copies of the notices issued.

5.- Act within legal deadlines: Make sure you comply with the legal deadlines, even if you have not received the notice. Failure to receive a notice does not necessarily exempt you from complying with legal deadlines, so it is essential to follow the deadlines.